An island enriched with beauty and culture where you name it, Sri Lanka has it all. Well known as the “Pearl of the Indian ocean” “Ceylon”, “Serendib”, “Tabrobane” is some of the other give names to this island, by its contended tourist who visited Sri Lanka back in the days. The island is always praised for how much beauty is being hidden in a small geographical area. The rich culture is been date back to almost 2500 years ago. The scenic beauty of the natural greenery habitat of the hill country, the beaches surrounded the island, wildlife and nightlife make Sri Lanka one of the hot spots for tourism.

The advantage of being an island is that visiting places around the country can be covered within a short span of time as a whole day experience. Central highlands cover the most of the country hills as known as” Little England” which comprises of Colonial buildings, Cool climate and surrounded by acres of tea plantation fields.

Sri Jayewardenepura

Commercial center:

25.322 square miles


Main ethnic groups :
Sinhala 74.00%
Sri Lankan Tamil 12.75%
Indian Tamil 5.5%
Moor 7.0%
Others 0.8%

Literacy rate :
91.8% Flat coastal and northern areas, Hill and mountains in the
Topography :
Central and south central areas

Colombo 31C to 24C /Kandy 29C to 12C/Trincomalee 34C

Temperature :
to    24C

Rain Fall:
March – April = Inter monsoonal
May – September = south west monsoonal
October- November = Inter monsoonal
December – February= North east monsoonal

Average rain fall:
An Island of the south eastern coast shores of India  880 km  North of the equator in the Indian Ocean.